Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information
Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information, Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences is affiliated to Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and is a public-welfare and full-funded scientific research institution. It mainly conducts the researches on agricultural economy, rural economy, ecological economy, agricultural information technology, agricultural scientific and technological information and so on, and undertakes the editing and publishing of learned periodical "Acta Agriculturae Jiangxi", agricultural sci-tech novelty retrieval and network services, and agricultural engineering consulting. This institute now has 33 employees, including 29 professionals, 4 research fellows, 10 associate research fellows, 3 doctors (containing 1 post-doctor), 1 doctoral candidate, and 17 masters. Among them, there are 3 provincial-level analysts in the full-industry-chain agricultural (rice, oil crop, and cotton) information analysis and early-warning team of Ministry of Agriculture, and oilseed rape and vegetable industrial economic posts in the modern agricultural industrial technology system of Jiangxi Province. 
[Institutional setting] There are two functional departments (the administrative office and the scientific research management office), four research laboratories (intelligent agriculture laboratory, industrial economy laboratory, agricultural technological economy laboratory, and agricultural ecological economy laboratory), and five public service platforms (Jiangxi Agricultural Engineering Consulting Center, editorial department of "Acta Agriculturae Jiangxi", network resource room, Jiangxi Agricultural Science and Technology Library, and department of agricultural sci-tech novelty retrieval).
[Scientific research results] By the end of 2017, more than 220 scientific research projects have been completed, and 36 scientific research awards have been won, including 1 second-class award for national scientific and technological progress, 2 second-class awards and 2 third-class awards for provincial-level scientific and technological progress, and 1 first-class award and 1 second-class award for provincial-level outstanding achievements in social science. In addition, seven invention patents are applied for, eight utility-model patents are obtained, eleven software copyrights are acquired, and over 500 scientific papers and four scientific works are published.
[Conditional platform] Jiangxi Service Branch Center, National Agricultural Science Data Sharing Center; Jiangxi Agricultural Intellectual Property Research Center; Jiangxi Provincial Research Base for National-level Science and Technology Thinking Bank; Nanchang Municipal Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base (Jiangxi Provincial Research Center for Modern Agricultural Industry Development).
Second, the current leaderships
Director: Fu Jiangfan
Deputy Director: Li Qing
Deputy Director and Deputy Secretary: Wu Changhua
Third, the contact information
Address: No. 602, Nanlian Road, Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
Postcode: 330200
Office phone: 0791-87090369
Fax: 0791-87090369

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