Soil fertilizer and Environmental Resource
Soil fertilizer and Environmental Resource Institute of Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences
[INTRODUCTION] Jiangxi Institute of Soil Fertilizer and Resource Environment, found in 1984 and subordinated to Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is a provincial institute of scientific and technological research for public welfare. It mainly covers the scientific research, analysis and testing, and technical service in the fields of soil science, agricultural ecology, agricultural resources and environment, plant nutrition and fertilization, tillage and cultivation, development of new fertilizer, safety production of agricultural products and so on. Now it has totally 68 employees, of which 55 are staffed. Among the scientific and technical personnel, there are 18 Ph. D. (including 2 post-doctor), 6 on-the-job doctorates, and 20 masters; and there are 13 professors (including 3 the second level of professors) and 21 Associate professors. Additionally, there are 5 candidates of the New Century’s Hundreds of and Thousands of Talent Project of Jiangxi, 3 training objects for the Academic and Technical Leaders of the Major Disciplines of Jiangxi Province, 1 training object for the Young Scientists of Jiangxi Province (Jinggang Star), 5 Leading Talents of Ganpo 555 Project, 1 Leading Talent of Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of Jiangxi Province, 1 Talent of the Outstanding Contribution of Jiangxi Province, 1 of the Outstanding Agricultural Scientific Research Personnel of the Ministry of agriculture, 4 heads of the National Agricultural Industrial System Experiment Station, 1 Advanced Worker of Jiangxi Province, 2 winner of the “May 1” Labor Medal of Jiangxi Province , 1 tender of the “May 4” Youth Medal of Jiangxi, 3 experts with the State Council Special Allowance and 2 experts with the Provincial government subsidy.
 [ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE] There are 2 functional departments: administrational office and scientific research management office. Based on the needs of discipline development, 8 business departments are set up, covering the Laboratory of Plant Nutrition and Fertilization, the Laboratory of Red Soil and Ecology, the Laboratory of Tillage and Cultivation, the Laboratory of New Fertilizer Development, the Laboratory of Agricultural Environment, the Laboratory of Green Manure, the Laboratory of Cultivation and Nutrition of Fruit Tree, and the Testing Center for Green Food’s Production Environment.
[SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ACHIEVEMENTS] Since established in 1984, it has obtained 119 awards of scientific and technological achievements at all kinds of levels, including 8 national scientific and technological progress awards, 70 provincial and ministerial awards, and 41 municipal awards. Additionally, it has also achieved 22 authorized patents. Since the 11th Five-Year Plan, it has undertaken more than 230 scientific research projects and published 285 papers in all kinds of academic journals at home and abroad, and 20 treaties.
[RESEARCH PLATFORM] Jiangxi Institute of Soil Fertilizer and Resource Environment has advantage research condition and platform, including National Engineering and Technology Research Center for Red Soil Improvement, Jiangxi Regional Center of Rice Technological Innovation (Ministry of Agriculture), the Key Laboratory of crop physiology and Farming System for the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Ministry of Agriculture, P.R. China, the Monitoring & Experimental station of Plant Nutrition and Agricultural Environment for double-rice system, Ministry of Agriculture, P.R. China, the Jiangxi Demonstration Base for the National Engineering Laboratory of land cultivation technology, National Development and Reform Commission, Jiangxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Agricultural Ecology and Resources Utilization, the Jiangxi Provincial  Research Center for Red Soil Technological Engineering, the Comprehensive Experimental Base of Red Soil in Northeast of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Innovation Base of Graduate Students of Jiangxi Agricultural University namely the Practical Base of Professional Degree Graduate Students, and 4 National Comprehensive Experimental Stations of Modern Agricultural Industry system.
Vice-DIRECTOR: Zuzhang LI, Xiumei LIU (Female)
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