Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences(JXAAS), established in 1934, is a provincial agricultural scientific research institution which has set up early in China a three-sphere integration of education, scientific research and popularization. JXAAS has 15 research institutes (Centers) and 7 integrated management offices.It has 8 sub/centers or stations at the ministerial level, 8 testing and consulting centers, 9 key laboratories and 1 postdoctoral research station.
For a long time, focused on the major development strategies of the state and Jiangxi Province and combined with the implementation of major scientific research and demonstration projects, we vigorously carry out technological research, demonstration and extension of increasing grain production, comprehensive management of red soil, transformation of low and medium yield fields, food quality and safety, disaster relief and ecological environment protection, etc.Project achievements we preside over or participate in have won nearly 30 awards of national level and about 270 awards of provincial and ministerial level. Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, we have undertaken more than 760 new research projects, including 170 or more projects from state ministries and commissions, 50 or more projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China; also, 670 or more varieties has obtained patent & right of new plant variety and got national approval(recognition), and more than 40 of which has got national approval(recognition).
We fully strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with the national research institutes, sign sci.&tech. cooperation agreement with 8 provinces and cities, and proactively join the National Alliance for Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation to realize the sharing and collaborative innovation of agricultural science and technology talents, resources and platforms, and jointly promote the development of modern agriculture in the region.
Our Academy has actively expanded international exchanges and cooperation, and carried out technical guidance, training, consultation and other multiple forms of communication and cooperation in the fields of hybrid rice, soil and fertilizer, vegetable and flowers, gardening & fruit trees, and the quality and safety of agricultural products with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, International Organic Food Alliance, International Rice Research Institute, Asia Pacific Seed Association and other international institutions as well as more than 20 countries in five continents.

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