Vice governor Hu Qiang inspected the Hainan base of ouracademy
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Vice governor Hu Qiang inspected the Hainan base of ouracademy, accompanied by President Dai Xingzhao and vice president Yu Chuanyuan. Hu Qiang, the deputy governor, first looked at the honorary Dean of our hospital and fellow of the academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Yan Longan, and highly appraised Yan Yuan's great contribution to the cause of hybrid rice in China, and told Yan Yuan to take care of his body. Then he came to the Sanya South propagation test base in our hospital, while visiting the scientific research building and the expert building, which was about to be completed and delivered, and listened to the detailed report on the progress of the base construction and the next plan. He also went deep into the paddy field and talked kindly to scientists who were doing experiments in the south to understand the rice growth. Hu Qiang, the deputy governor, fully affirmed the achievements made in the construction of our hospital base and the work of rice Southern breeding, and asked to further strengthen the research and development of new varieties of fine rice and make a greater contribution to the security of grain in our country.

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